1. To allow 100 percent foreign ownership of 17 service subsectors including healthcare and logistics.
2. To implement RM98.4 billion rolling plan until 2013 for high impact development projects
3. Valuation management for new projects worth RM50 million or more
4. PPP Facilitation Funds – RM2.5 Billion
5. Accelerate the development of Five Regional Corridors (RM978 million)
6. To implement RM6 billion private sector financed special stimulus package for infrastructure works.


7. Sharia-compliant SME Financing fund totalling RM2 billion – The government will bear 2% of the profit rates
8. Sharia-compliant SME Commercialisation Innovation Fund totalling RM500 million – The government will bear 2% of the profit rates
9. SME Revitalisation Fund totalling RM100 million to competent entrepreneurs to ignite business
10. SME Emergency Fund totalling RM10 million to fund SMEs affected by natural disasters


11. Innovation Development & Application Program in schools and IPTA
12. Innovation Program to encourage development of new ideas
13. Introducing 1Malaysia Award (C1PTA) for innovative student inventions
14. Reality programs and documentaries in the media
15. Allocation of Market Validation Funds (RM30 million)
16. Commercialisation of 300 intellectual properties in the form of new products and technologies — RM30 billion.
17. Organising the World Innovation Forum and Asia Business Angel Forum


18. Special Funds for the Construction, Improvement and Maintenance of Schools – RM1 billion
19. Abolition of RM24.50 and RM33.50 for co-curriculum, internal test papers, Malaysian Schools Sports Council fees and insurance premium involving students in primary and secondary schools respectively, beginning the 2012 school year. making these free for the first time in Malaysia’s history.
20. RM100 school aid for all primary and secondary students from Primary 1 to Form 5 nationwide.
21. Distribution of RM200 book vouchers to all Malaysian students enrolled at higher education institutes, matriculation and Form 6 studies nationwide.
22. Tax exemptions for contributions to educational institutions (individual & companies)


23. To execute the Rural Transformation Program (RTP) – RM1 Billion
24. To establish Rural Transformation Centres (RTC) as service integration centres – across Kedah, Johor, Sabah & Sarawak
25. Professional Services Fund for the professional sector totalling RM100 million as easy financing with an interest rate of 4%.
26. Rural Surge Project in 11 areas of Agropolitan Projects nationwide (RM110 million)
27. RM 5 billion to develop rural infrastructure, including RM1.8 billion to the Rural Road Programmed & Village-Link Road Project (water supply, electricity, housing and roads)
28. Rural Basic Infrastructure Project (PIA-PIAS), RM500 million
29. RM500 million to expand the programme to supply clean water to the rural community in Sabah & Sarawak, and RM400 million to upgrade the water supply infrastructure in selected Felda areas
30. To provide greater access to bank services for the rural population, with Bank Simpanan Nasional to appoint 500 agents in rural areas
31. Rural Bus Services
32. RM90 million for the Orang Asli for basic necessities, including the expansion of the clean water supply projects. For the Orang Asli affected by the landslides at Sungai Ruil, RM20 million is provided for their relocation to new homes.


33. To establish Exit Policy 24. To improve the salary structure of civil servants:

  • pay raise between 7-13%
  • civil servants get a pay rise between RM80 to RM320 according to grade

35. Improve the service scheme base on the time-base system

  • Grade 48 teachers – SSM (20th year); SBPA (16th year)

36. Extend the compulsory retirement age from 58 to 60 years old to optimise civil servant’s contribution
37. Civil servants will be given an additional half-month bonus and pensioners RM500
38. Civil servants will be offered tuition fee assistance for part-time studies, including 5,000 masters and 500 doctoral scholarships
39. RM500 million to upgrade and maintain army camps and quarters nationwide under the Army Care program


40. Government Pensioners

  • benefit from pension adjustment
  • benefit from an additional annual pension increment of 2% without needing to be wait for a pension adjustment scheme or salary adjustment

41. Special payment of 3,000 to staff who have completed their contract with Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (JASA), and Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat (KEMAS)
42. A one-off payment of RM3,000 to each ex-member as well as widows and widowers of special constable and auxiliary police who served in protecting the country during the emergency era
43. Special training program for ex-army to help them move into business


44. RM500 financial aid for households earning RM3,000 or less
45. In the spirit of “People First,” all subsidies, incentives and assistance totalling RM33.2 billion will be continued
46. Continuation of electricity bill subsidization – RM20
47. Allocation of RM40 million to open 85 more Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M) that provides daily needs to consumers at prices up to 40% less
48. Opening 30 units of Agrobazaar Kedai Rakyat nationwide
49. Promotion of Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia
50. To multiply the plantation program. As many as 4,500 enterprising farmers is estimated to benefit.
51. 500,000 will benefit from KAR1SMA, which provides assistance to poor senior citizens and children and disabled people


52. Ceiling for house prices under a government deposit guarantee scheme for first time house buyers (My First Home Scheme) to be raised to RM400,000 from RM200,000.
53. 1Malaysia Rakyat Housing Scheme (PR1MA) – will be extended beyond the Klang Valley, 1,880 unit
54. Sharia-compliant housing (built and sell) with financing for RM600,000 or less
55. Continuation of the Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) by building 15,000 units of affordable houses
56. Rumah Mesra Rakyat Program by SPNB, whereby the government will subsidise up to RM20,000 per house for 10,000 units
57. Establish the Special Housing Fund for Fishermen to build and refurbish houses


58. Senior citizens aged 60 years & above will be exempted from outpatient registration fees in government hospitals & health clinics, including 1Malaysia clinics and government dental clinics
59. 50% discount for LRT and Monorel fares.


60. Hospitals will be upgraded and constructed as well 81 rural health clinics upgraded and 50 new 1Malaysia clinics launched
61. Hospital Putrajaya’s maternity ward will be upgraded, and Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) will be upgraded to be the country’s premier hospital
62. Memperkenalkan Jadual kerja fleksi Pegawai Perubatan Siswazah

  • Increasing on-call night shift allowance, from RM30 up to RM80


63. Introducing Skim Amanah Rakyat (SARA) 1Malaysia, which will benefit 100,000 households with income below RM3,000 per month. This investment promises attractive net gains.


64. Bumiputera Facilitation Funds, RM300 million
65. Mentoring of 1,100 Bumiputera companies with potential
66. Bumiputera entrepreneur and contractor development under the Ministry of Rural & Regional Development

67. 100% duty tax exemptions and sales tax for new purchases of locally manufactured taxis
68. Duty tax exemptions and road tax for taxis older than 7 years old or second hand taxis
69. To annul road tax on private taxis
70. Subsidisation handout with up to 2% interest rate for new ownership of locally manufactured taxis
71. Financial aid to replace obsolete taxis (RM3,000 for less than 7-10 years old / RM1,000 for older than 10 years)
72. Private budget taxi owners will get to enjoy assistance worth about RM7,560 through the various incentives


73. The National Legal Aid Foundation will ensure that every individual who is charged in court will be given free legal aid


74. To assist the homeless, the governements will establish a social assistance centre known as Anjung Singgah


75. A training allocation of RM10 million will be provided for women to develop leadership and managerial skills
76. Free HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) immunisation to prevent cervical cancer – RM50 million)
77. Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia will provide RM2.1 billion to entrepreneurs in the form of micro loans
78. Construction and development of Kuala Lumpur Women & Children’s Hospital.


79. MyCreative Venture Capital with an initial fund of RM200mil to be established in order to encourage youth’s involvement in the creative industry.
80. Strategic Action for Youth (SAY 1Malaysia).
81. RM15mil will be allocated to build 150 futsal courts to achieve the “One Court for One Mukim” target
82. 30 artificial turfs equipped with floodlights


83. EPF contributors can register early for the haj by ring-fencing RM1,300 from Account 2 of their savings for registration purposes.


Bank Industry & Finance & Investment
84. To grant tax benefits to investors who use Malaysian Treasury Management Centre (TMC) to accelerate financial markets development. These include income tax exemption of 70% for five years, withholding tax exemption on interest payments on borrowing and stamp duty exemption on loan and service agreements.
85. Exemption from withholding tax on interest payments on borrowings to overseas banks and related companies
86. Stamp duty exemption on loan agreements and service agreements
87. To grant tax benefits to investors who use Malaysian Treasury Management Centre to accelerate financial markets development such as 100% income tax exemption for 10 years
88. Full exemption from stamp duty on all loan agreements and service agreements executed by TMC in Malaysia for qualifying TMC activitie
89. To cut tax for three years on expenses incurred in issuance of sukuk wakala starting 2012.
90. To extend tax exemption on issuance and trading on foreign currency sukuk by three years
91. Extending 10% withholding tax incentives for another 5 years for dividends distributed by the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) listed on Bursa Malaysia
92. Tax deduction is given on franchise fees for local franchise brands.
93. To extend import and excise duty exemption on hybrid and electric cars until end-2013.

Hotel Industry
94. Investment tax allowance or pioneer status is given to hotel operators undertaking new investments in 4 and 5 stars hotels in Peninsular Malaysia, providers of industrial design services and private schools and international schools registered with the Ministry of Education.
95. Revision of RPGT rates to curb RPGT speculation in the property investment market
96. Design industry service providers will be given income tax exemption of 70% on statutory income for a period of 5 years
97. Income tax exemption of 70% for a period of 5 years, Double deduction for overseas promotional expenses; and Exemption of import duty and sales for educational equipment for profit oriented private and international schools.
98. Tax exemptions for contribution to registered educational institutions and all places of worship
99. Companies which participate in the structured internship programme (which includes technical, communication and business skills) implemented by the Ministry of Higher Education in collaboration with Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp), be given double deduction on expenses incurred by the companies.
100. Tax relief of RM1,000 on annuity premium (currently a component of the tax relief on EPF contributions and life insurance premium be rationalized.