KUCHING: The state-level poverty eradication focus group committee found that 990 out of 1,840 participants from last year’s 1Azam programme succeeded in achieving an income of RM300 three times since embarking on a journey to a better life.

In the same period up to last Nov 6, 1Azam also managed to roll out some form of assistance to 87 per cent or 6,272 out of the target of 7,500 participants.

Around 72 per cent of the 7,500 also attended a financial literacy course to learn how to reduce mismanagement of their money.

Meanwhile, the eKasih database is 83 per cent updated as of Nov 6, with new information being keyed in every day.

Welfare, Women and Family Development Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah added that they exceeded their National Key Performance Index for involvement of NGOs or private agencies, working with six instead of the target of four.

However, their final target of running four 1Azam community projects is still short of one.

Fatimah, who is also Dalat assemblywoman, was speaking at a press conference after the fourth and final meeting of the year for the focus group.

She revealed that they would be shooting high next year in helping the needy group hit their target income of RM300 three times, wanting to see 3,000 people succeed.

“This poverty eradication programme is a continuous process because many people under e-kasih still need help. As of Nov 11, we have 95,524 registered in the system.”

Currently, the figures in the system are broken down into poor (28,706 household heads), hardcore poor (28,338) and vulnerable (12,841).

Fatimah added that 25,639 were delisted from the database due to increase of income, death, re-marriage or were untraceable after moving.

Meanwhile, their mobile unit has also achieved great lengths in going to remote locations to assess the situation and send aid.

“The programme is done under the Blue Ocean Strategy and involves 54 agencies.

“They have gone to five hotspots — Beliong, Asajaya; Ulu Lemanak, Lubok Antu; Ulu Mujok, Julau; Sebayang and Tusok, Daro; and Ulu Sangan, Tatau.”

The exercise has benefited 3,711 families.

“The federal government has allocated RM8.91 million for this programme and we hope the mobile unit will be able to help more people next year,” said Fatimah.