SUCCESS: Some 4,300 women in programme earn RM3,500 a month

KANGAR: MORE than 70 per cent of the total 106,947 participants of 1Azam’s “End the Poverty” programme have achieved the target of a RM300 monthly profit margin for three consecutive months, set by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry.

Its minister, Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim, said some 4,300 women participants of the same programme were also earning at least RM3,500 a month since the programme was launched in 2010.

“The ministry is proud of the participants’ achievement.

“The programme is aimed at helping low-income earners from all communities, including Indians, Orang Asli and Bumiputeras, and it has been a success,” she said after giving out 1Azam business start-up kits worth RM750,000 to 150 new participants from the state here yesterday.

The event, held at Kampung Baru Sungai Serai, Chuping, near Padang Besar, was launched by Menteri Besar Azlan Man.

Present was state secretary Datuk Azizan Hamid.

The government had allocated RM1.2 billion for the participants to venture into agriculture, services and livestock-rearing projects.

Rohani said the ministry was still studying the causes behind the shortcomings experienced by the remaining 30 per cent of participants.

She did not rule out that wrong choice of business was a possible reason for them falling short of the ministry’s benchmark.

The wrong choice of business, she said, included selling Hari Raya kuih, making Hari Raya clothes and food catering.

“These are seasonal and mostly depend on festive seasons, when the items are in great demand.

“Once the festive season is over, the demand goes down and so would their earnings.”

Rohani said the ministry would help the participants who fell short of the ministry’s benchmark.

She said steps would also be taken to increase the ministry’s outreach programme.