This week, we are featuring blogger Anjung Sazuwi and her experience with 1Malaysia Clinic. Enjoy!

Experience of 1Malaysia Clinic

1 Malaysia Clinic, Jalan Pantai Seremban Hello, readers of Anjung Sazuwi. How’s your health doing today? Feeling well? I’m asking just because I haven’t been well recently. Maybe it’s an accumulation of too much bad energy and now’s the [...]

This week, we are featuring blogger Milimilo and her adventures with BB1m book voucher shopping. Enjoy!

RM200 BB1M book vouchers

I only have RM100 left from the RM200 BB1M book vouchers because I have officially bought books and stationary at MPH the other day. If I spend RM100 of the vouchers in one receipt, MPH gives another [...]

Technically, it’s not a crime to sell vouchers. However, when it comes to the book vouchers that have been given as financial aid to students, it is a matter of abuse that should rightfully be investigated. Moreover, this raises the question of morals, appreciation, and priorities.

How much is knowledge worth, after all? Blogger Putera Duyong [...]

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Families and pupils have been very grateful for the RM100 school aid disbursed to all schooling students under Budget 2012, as announced by Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in November last year. The cash assistance has been especially helpful for rural folk, where RM100 goes a long way.

“Now I don’t have to [...]

BR1M financial aid helps ease the burden of inflation, rising food costs, and daily costs of living.

There has been much talk about BR1M lately, or more specifically, Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia RM500 financial aid, where the government is giving RM500 to Malaysians with a household income of less than RM3,000 a month regardless of [...]

What’s the latest news on Budget 2012? Here’s a quick recap of the recent week’s news:

Jan 7, 2012: Government can Afford to Give Budget Goodies, says Najib

The Prime Minister refutes allegations that the government has borrowed money from the World Bank to execute BR1M programme, which is a financial aid programme that give RM500 to [...]

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