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Q: What are the allowed income guidelines?

A: Allowable income line is household income of RM2, 300 per month and per capita income is RM460 per month.

Q: What assets are allowed?

A: Ownership of assets, including houses, cars and land shall not exceed RM50, 000. The calculation is by summing the value of owned assets.

Q: What are my responsibilities [...]

Q: What is KAR1SMA?

A: KAR1SMA stands for Kebajikan Rakyat 1Malaysia.

Q: Who can benefit from KAR1SMA?

A: Children, senior citizens, the disabled (OKU), police and army widows, and the community.

Q: What is the main focus of the programme?

A: The programme’s focus is to build the people through a holistic social assistance programme.

Q: What are the criteria to [...]

1. What are the salient terms of the loan?

The loan is offered at a fixed amount of RM5,000 per household for purchase of 5,000 Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS 1Malaysia)I units. The unique feature of the Scheme allows participants to repay only the minimum amount over 60 monthly installments. The loan tenure is 5 years.

2. Is [...]

1. How do I apply for the Scheme?

Interested applicants must obtain forms from participating banks starting from January 30, 2012**. Completed forms together with the required documents are to be submitted to the banks for verification and consideration.

**Subject to change

2. Which are the participating banks?

There are four banks namely Maybank, CIMB, RHB and BSN.

3. How [...]

ELIGIBILITY Malaysians aged between 18 and 58 years old Gross household income of between RM500 and RM3,000 Applicants must not be declared bankrupt throughout the loan funding period Any other terms set by the banks Applicants and / or spouse must not be a participant or beneficiary of any ASNB-related Government programme: Program Pembangunan Rakyat Termiskin; ASB Sejahtera; and ASW2020-Bandar Applicants and / or [...]

1. What is “Skim SARA 1Malaysia”?

This is a special scheme introduced by the Government of Malaysia aimed at promoting the participation of the low income group to save and invest; apart from assisting them in managing the impact of the rising current cost of living.

The Scheme will be implemented in collaboration with Permodalan Nasional Berhad [...]

This week, we feature tips on how to ease the burden of inflation from Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia website. Enjoy!

What is inflation?

Inflation is an economic situation where price hike of goods and services occurs as a result of several factors such as consumer demand exceeding that of production and increasing material costs.

Shopping tips to overcome [...]

[stextbox id="custom"]Click here to refer to My First Home Scheme FAQ, or refer to the list of contact details of participating banks below.[/stextbox]

Application: Starting January 2012, qualified individuals or couples may apply at participating banks.

No Bank-bank yang terlibat Nombor Telefon 1. Affin Bank Berhad 03-5522 3000 2. Affin Islamic Bank Berhad 03-5522 3000 3. Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad 03-2612 9266 / 9267 4. Alliance Islamic Bank Malaysia Berhad 03-2612 [...]
[stextbox id="custom"]Do you want to apply for a loan under the My First Home Scheme? Click here for the list of contact details of participating banks for enquiries regarding My First Home Scheme, or refer to the FAQ below. [/stextbox] Section A. My First Home Scheme

1. What is Skim Rumah Pertamaku (SRP) / My First Home [...]

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