My First Home Scheme

1. Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you can help in individuals applying for the My First Home program?

The origin of Malaysia Building Society Berhad (MBSB) can be traced back to the Federal and Colonial Building Society Limited incorporated in 1950. In 1956, it changed its name to Malaya [...]

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Application: Starting January 2012, qualified individuals or couples may apply at participating banks.

No Bank-bank yang terlibat Nombor Telefon 1. Affin Bank Berhad 03-5522 3000 2. Affin Islamic Bank Berhad 03-5522 3000 3. Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad 03-2612 9266 / 9267 4. Alliance Islamic Bank Malaysia Berhad 03-2612 [...]
[stextbox id="custom"]Do you want to apply for a loan under the My First Home Scheme? Click here for the list of contact details of participating banks for enquiries regarding My First Home Scheme, or refer to the FAQ below. [/stextbox] Section A. My First Home Scheme

1. What is Skim Rumah Pertamaku (SRP) / My First Home [...]

My First Home Scheme was first announced in the 2011 Budget by the Malaysian Government to assist young adults who have just joined the workforce, earning RM3,000 per month or less to own  their first home.

The Scheme allows young adults to obtain 100% financing from financial institutions, enabling them to own their 1st home [...]

What: A 100% house loan without needing to pay a 10% deposit to increase house ownership amongst Malaysians. Individuals can apply for up to RM220,000 loan with a maximum repayment of 30 years for individuals, while couples can apply for up to RM400,000 loan with a maximum repayment of 30 years.

Who: Malaysians aged 35 and [...]

On October 7th, 2011, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak unveiled Budget 2012.

The budget is a transformational budget for all Malaysians, and its main priority is to ease burden for Malaysians by helping the people cope with rising costs of living. One of the budget’s main focus is offering generous financial aid for lower [...]