Q: What is the Green Technology Financing Scheme?

A: The Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS) is a special financing scheme introduced by the government to support the development of Green Technology (GT) in Malaysia. It was proposed by the Prime Minister during the tabling of the 2010 Budget with a total financing amount of RM1.5 billion.

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Q: What is the I-Srikandi Financing Scheme offered by the Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia?

A: The I-Srikandi Financing Scheme, based on a “fast track” concept, was introduced to those who have potential viable and successful projects. This scheme is in a trial era that seeks to give all credit to fmembers without having to seek additional capital from [...]

Q: What is the I-Mesra Financing Scheme?

A: The I-Mesra Financing Scheme is the basic scheme to all of AIM (Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia)’s financing. The scheme is offered starting from first financing with a maximum of RM2,000 and used to finance economic projects that are believed to provide good returns to the Sahabat AIM.

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Q: What is the I-Wibawa Financing Scheme?

A: The Ikhtiar Rezeki Wibawa Financing Scheme  (I-Wibawa) is a funding scheme offered to the Sahabats who are taking the I-Mesra or I-Srikandi financing scheme. This scheme was introduced to provide soft loans to the Sahabats, who require additional capital to carry out seasonal projects or opportunities that come in [...]

Q: What are the allowed income guidelines?

A: Allowable income line is household income of RM2, 300 per month and per capita income is RM460 per month.

Q: What assets are allowed?

A: Ownership of assets, including houses, cars and land shall not exceed RM50, 000. The calculation is by summing the value of owned assets.

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Special Financial Facilities For Graduates

Malaysia’s government has channeled an additional allocation for Graduate Entrepreneur’s Fund [TUS] to encourage more university graduates to enter the field of entrepreneurship.

SME Bank has produced a Graduate Entrepreneurs loan that has successfully contributed to personal income through business while improving the country’s growth engine.

The fund provides easy financing to start [...]

SMEs can apply for easy access loans of maximum RM1 million, handled by SME Bank starting from January 2012.

Q1 What products does SME Bank offer? SME Bank offers an extensive product to cater to the SMEs which includes Business Loans, Contract Financing and Business Premise Financing Scheme.

Q2 What is the classification of SMEs? SMEs are classified according [...]