Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKl) has been allocated a budget of RM2.79 billion next year, an increase of 20.6 percent compared to RM2.31 billion this year.

Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib, when announcing the budget, said the budget this time focused on efforts to ensure sustainable economic growth and boosting the prosperity of its 1.7 million residents.

“Of the total budget, RM1.499 billion is provided for operating expenditure while RM1.290 billion is for development,” he told a media conference at his office here, Tuesday.

He said that, overall DBKL would experience a budget deficit of RM292.7 million and it would be met by existing development reserves.

DBKL, he said was expected to collect RM2.13 billion in revenue, and assessment taxes would be the main source of revenue contributing 56 percent of the overall income of DBKL.

A revaluation of property which would be implemented next year on 500,000 units of holdings in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur is expected to boost assessment taxes by RM200 million a year, he said.

He added, DBKL would implement an affordable housing project and the purchase of medium cost homes for RM115 million.

“A RM3 million allocation is also provided for next year to carry out three projects, namely, affordable houses at Kampung Wirajaya in Setapak, affordable units at Indian Settlement, Kampung Pandan and the purchase of 200 of medium cost units from private sector developers,” Ahmad Phesal added.

A total of RM6.75 million is also allocated to control the spread of dengue fever and problems from mosquitos and rats, he said.

DBKL also allocated RM63 million for the garbage transfer programme in Taman Beringin and a landfill at Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfills.