1. Purpose of This Website

  • We welcome your feedback and suggestions. The purpose of this website is to engage people in conversations about Malaysian Budget and listen to your feedback.
  • We intend for this website to be non-political in nature, and we ask that you leave your political affiliations at the door. Our focus in this page is to communicate and explain the Budget Malaysia and get Malaysians involved in conversations that build.

2. How do we Moderate

  • MyBajetInfo welcome your participation. While we respect the diversity of opinion, we urge you to send your respect and trust.
  • As this website is viewable by the general public, we will delete spam, malicious content, offensive language, personal attacks, words that are offensive to the sensitivities of race/religion.

3. When we respond to questions and inquiries

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4. Getting your questions answered

  • We appreciate every question you ask.

However, the

  • First, we can not promise that we will answer all questions sent to us especially if the question is outside the scope of this website and irrelevant.
  • Second, we do not always have all the answers at our fingertips and will try our best to get answers for you.
  • Third, we also want to make it clear that we will not entertain questions malicious.
  • We prefer to give the correct answer and the most appropriate to just give a quick reply. Therefore, we appreciate your patience in letting us get back to you with the correct answer.