Special Financial Facilities For Graduates

Malaysia’s government has channeled an additional allocation for Graduate Entrepreneur’s Fund [TUS] to encourage more university graduates to enter the field of entrepreneurship.

SME Bank has produced a Graduate Entrepreneurs loan that has successfully contributed to personal income through business while improving the country’s growth engine.

The fund provides easy financing to start a business in the service and industry sectors, as well as for graduates who already have an existing business.

TUS Features

  • Loans from RM20, 000 up to RM500, 000
  • A financing total of RM750,000 can only be given for company takeovers
  • Interest rate of 4% per annum on monthly rest


  • Open to Malaysians
  • Minimum Diploma holders accredited by MQA
  • Graduated not more than 15 years
  • Age not exceeding 40 years old


No Guarantor

  • For the financing of buildings / premises
  • For the financing of up to RM100, 000


  • For financing exceeding RM100, 000, guarantor guarantees only 20% of the amount exceeding RM100, 000

Other Information About TUS

  • TUS gives maximum financing of 10 years or up to 20 years (for buildings / businesses only)
  • Grace period may also be considered up to a maximum of 48 months
  • Maximum financing can be up to 100% financing for less than RM100,000 and 90% for the financing of more than RM100,000
  • Individual firms, partnerships and private companies can apply for TUS
  • All types of businesses are allowed except for property investment and Primary Agriculture industry

How To Apply For Graduate Entrepreneur Fund (TUS)

Applicants who have been in business and in operation for more than two years are exempted attending courses conducted by INSKEN and the screening process is at INSKEN.

Applicants may submit a Business Plan to SME Bank’s nearest branch.

Applicants without any business experience need to attend courses conducted by INSKEN.

Course registration can be made online here.

After attending the course, applicants are required to submit five copies of their Business Plans to INSKEN.
The screening process will be conducted by the INSKEN and applicants are required to present their Business Plan. (Applicants who operate in Sabah / Sarawak are granted exemption from attending the screening process at INSKEN.

SME Bank will evaluate the application and provide feedback. Branch will evaluate the application and provide feedback soonest as possible. For eligibility requirements please refer to TUS terms.

Sekretariat Tabung Usahawan Siswazah (TUS) SME Bank
Aras 12, Menara SME Bank
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50774 Kuala Lumpur

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