KUCHING: The first two Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia stores (KR1M) here are set to be  open in Fifth Mile and Medan Hamidah here by the end of June, KR1M operator Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin said yesterday.

He said in addition to generic 1Malaysia products, a special aisle would be carrying brands and products manufactured by local small-and-medium industries.

“This means that the stores will not only benefit the public, who will be able to purchase items at a lower price, but also local suppliers and businesses,” said Ameer, who is also Mydin Holdings Bhd managing director.

Three months ago, he said representatives from Mydin had identified several local SMIs and SMEs, including six kek lapis businesses here who were willing to make and sell products under the 1Malaysia brand, as well as their own.

Ameer said the Fifth Mile store would be large, measuring 13,93 square metre, including 929 square metre to be used as a warehouse.

“We expect a high demand for 1Malaysia products, which requires a great deal of logistical support,” adding that other grocers and traders, such as Choice SuperMall in Samariang here, could also opt to sell 1Malaysia products.

Ameer also said apart from generic products which would be sold up to 40 per cent lower, non-1Malaysia products at Kr1m stores would also be sold at competitive prices.

“These products will be protected from ‘yo-yo’ pricing, which sometimes happens in other stores, where the price of certain products increase and decrease from time to time.”

Ameer said around RM70,000 worth of Kr1m products would be sold at its exhibition booth at the Jelajah Janji Ditepati carnival here today and tomorrow.

“Given that we have yet to open our stores here, this will give the people of Kuching their first taste and experience of what a Kr1m store will be like in Sarawak.

“He said there were currently 36 Kr1m stores open nationwide with a total of 85 to be opened by the end of the year.

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