SIBU: A new measure has been implemented to further strengthen security during the distribution of BR1M 2.0 vouchers here, which would also expedite the process.

“Starting today (yesterday), we get our staff to write down the MyKad numbers of recipients on the vouchers for security reasons while recipients on their part would need to write their own names on the vouchers before cashing them.

“The move was implemented following suggestion from some people to speed up the process of issuance,” Sibu deputy Resident Dr Zufar Yadi Brendan Abdullah, who is also the monitoring officer of the BR1M distribution committee here, revealed yesterday.

He disclosed that two to three people had lost their BR1M vouchers.

Asked if these recipients could obtain replacements, he said they needed to make a police report.

“After that, they need to officially write in, informing us that they have lost their vouchers which must be accompanied by a police report.

“Then, they will need to meet with the district officer here to get their replacement. We are very stringent on this matter as we want to ensure that the claim on loss of vouchers is genuine and that the vouchers had not already been cashed out,” he said.

Asked on collection of vouchers on behalf of immediate family members such as parents, he hinted that they did give

“Recipients unable to collect vouchers personally for reasons such as sickness would need to write to state that they are authorising their son or daughter to collect on their behalf. The assigned would need to bring their birth certificates to prove their relation.

“Spouses, on the other hand, would need to bring along their marriage certificates,” he explained.

He stressed that third party collection other than for immediate family members such as relatives was strictly not permitted.

Towards this end, he suggested that political parties such as PBB set up counters for verification of recipients’ serial numbers.

SUPP Sibu branch office has a counter for such purpose.

“In that way, it would greatly reduce the queue at the counters.

“This is because recipients would only need to queue up at collection counters, thus speeding up the disbursement process,” Zufar said.

He advised members of the public not to listen to rumours which would only cause chaos.

“The counters here are open for one whole month and so there is ample time for them to claim their vouchers. There is no need to rush,” he emphasised.