The 2013 Auditor-General’s Report Series 3 found that there are some participants of 1Azam (Poverty Eradication) programme who did not fully utilise the equipment supplied.

The report said that the situation occurred because the participants had their own businesses and did not solely focus on the programme as well as no longer interested in the 1Azam programme.

“The participants also were not skilful in the use of equipment provided, moreover they were aging and could not handle the aid received,” according to the report that was tabled at the Dewan Rakyat, here today.

The report said it found out about the unutilised aid for 1Azam programme based on interviews with 265 participants.

Besides creating job opportunities, out of the 265 participants interviewed, 132 (49.82) per cent were able to increase their household income to more than RM300.

In order to ensure that the objectives of 1Azam program are achieved as stipulated, the auditor-general recommended several measures such as doing a detailed study before the aid are granted which include ensuring each participant are competitive, experienced and has a place for their future activities.

“Agencies should prepare individual participant’s file so that information and documents could be filed to facilitate monitoring.

“The supply of aid to participants should be accelerated so that they can take advantage of the aid immediately,” the report said.

The 1Azam programme is divided into six initiatives, namely AZAM Tani (agricultural and agro-based activities), AZAM Niaga (small business), AZAM Kerja (job matching/placement), AZAM Khidmat (services, self-employment) and 1AZAM Sabah and 1AZAM Sarawak (comprising all of the initiatives).