Kuala Lumpur: Datuk Seri Najib Razak to invite people to share ideas and suggestions for formulating Budget 2014 from Monday.

The Prime Minister, who is also Finance Minister, said the move was in line to form a budget commitment inspired people.

“Last year your ideas and suggestions have been used in a number of budget policy in 2013 and once again invite you to join us, starting next Monday in the 2014 Budget to share feedback,” he said in Facebook, yesterday.

Focus five aspects

The theme of the 2013 National Budget – Memakmur, Mensejahtera Rakyat: A Promise kept focusing on five main aspects, namely stimulating investment, strengthening education and training, culture of innovation to increase productivity, fiscal consolidation and improving the efficiency of public service delivery and bless people.

Among the highlights of the budget is to reduce the cost of living channel 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), off PTPTN (education), rice subsidies and incentives worth RM2.4 billion (sustainable food supply) as well as a motorcycle patrol units and installation of security equipment (the neighborhood safe).

Community Development

Other highlights are the development of a community that focuses on programs such as 1Azam and community transformation, bonds and sukuk market, funding small and medium enterprises (SME) development and halal industry funds (to support investment and SMEs), and the 1Malaysia People’s Housing First Home Scheme (housing for people) and health aspects such as the 1Malaysia Clinic and free screening mammogram.

To participate in the discussion, head over to the Prime Minister’s Facebook Page