Updated 19 December 2012


What: Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia (PR1MA) Berhad was established under the PR1MA Act 2012 to plan, develop, construct and maintain affordable lifestyle housing for middle-income households in key urban areas.

Criteria: Malaysian citizens aged 21 years and above,monthly income between RM2,500 – RM7,500 for individuals and families (husband and wife), currently owning no more than one (1) property, not a bankrupt.

Application: Eligible candidates can apply directly with PR1MA.

Price: PR1MA homes range from RM100,000 to RM400,000.

Developments: PR1MA is currently available at Johor (Nusantara Prima), Penang (PR1MA Penang) and Negeri Sembilan (Seremban Utara, Seremban 2, Rasah and Senawang).

Visit PR1MA for more information.

Click here to also see how PR1MA has helped to revive abandoned housing projects, or watch the video below from GTP Program Transformasi for a quick start guide to PRIMA.

[youtube width="600" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dFrf6OOClw[/youtube]