Q: What is the I-Mesra Financing Scheme?

A: The I-Mesra Financing Scheme is the basic scheme to all of AIM (Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia)’s financing. The scheme is offered starting from first financing with a maximum of RM2,000 and used to finance economic projects that are believed to provide good returns to the Sahabat AIM.

Q: What are the details of the I-Mesra?

A: Details of the I-Mesra Financing Scheme is as follows:

  • The maximum financing is RM19, 900 and subject to the conditions specified
  • Repayment period of the option is between 25 and 150 weeks
  • Weekly repayment method
  • Administrative charge of 10% per annum or 5% of the payback period for 6 months

Q: What are the specific conditions of the I-Mesra?

A: The details of the specific conditions of the I-Mesra are:

  • Sahabats are entitled to receive the I-Mesra for the first time after they are confirmed in a group and centre, after undergoing the Empowerment and Recognition group Process
  • Sahabat is entitled to apply for a second I-Mesra financing if the amount applied for is no more than RM3,000 higher than the original amount requested
  • Sahabats must meet Basic Saving requirements for I-Mesra’s of more than RM10,000

Q: How do we contact AIM?

A: Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia can be contacted as per below:

    Ibu Pejabat
    Menara Amanah Ikhtiar
    No. 3 Jalan Cempaka SD12/1A
    Bandar Sri Damansara, PJU 9
    52200 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 6274 8810
    Fax: 03 6264 8809