PUTRAJAYA: Some 63,000 government employees will benefit from coverage under the Employment Injury and Invalidity Pension Schemes similar to benefits enjoyed by employees in the private sector.

Human Resources minister Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramanian said the government has decided to extend the social security schemes (SOCSO) to all temporary and contract staff effective May 1.

He said the “Employment Injury Scheme” provides protection against workplace accidents as well as against occupational diseases.

The Invalidity provides 24-hour coverage against permanent disability or death arising from causes unrelated to employment.

“Among the benefits available under both the schemes include Temporary Disability Benefit, Permanent Disability Benefits, Constant Attendance Allowance, Funeral Benefit, Invalidity and Survivors’ Pensions,” he told a press conference at the ministry’s headquarters, here.

SOCSO contributors are also eligible for rehabilitation services with the view of returning to work.

“SOCSO will take immediate action to register all temporary and contract employees of the Federal and State Public Services, statutory bodies as well as local authorities to ensure coverage under SOCSO social security schemes,” he said.