The Social Security Organisation (Socso) issued 3,063 compound notices with fines amounting to RM2.8 million to errant employers last year.

Its Deputy Chief Executive (Operations) Datuk Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed said 1,601 of the cases involved failure to register with Socso or late registration, 313 cases failing to register employees, 16 cases failing to maintain a register on employees and 1,132 cases of not reporting or late reporting of workplace accidents.

“The total amount of fines was RM2,782,300 whereas the amount that was successfully collected was RM947,330 after taking into account reduction of fines or cancellation of the notices on appeal,” he said in a statement here Thursday.

He added that Socso also had to resort to legal action against 1,827 employers and employees last year as a last step to make sure they complied with Socso requirements.

Of this, 435 cases involved failure to register or late registration with Socso, 546 cases failure to heed Socso notices, 258 cases failing to pay contributions, 228 cases failing to pay interest on late payment of contributions.

Five cases of not providing employees record, 350 cases of not reporting accidents, four cases of providing false information and one case of failure to pay back overpayment.