Azam Tani

A medium sized fishing boat with the 1AZAM logo on the hull, teetered to the jetty at the fishing enclave of Kampung Bagan Pinang here, stands testament to the success of fisherman Saiful Jamil.

There was a time when this man, in his 30s now, earned a paltry sum as a coastal fisherman. At that time [...]

GEORGE TOWN: For most, a refrigerator is a foregone conclusion in the modern household. But for some, owning one means food can be put on the dinner table.

Tan Phiak Hwa, 65, who lives in a low-cost flat in Sungai Dua, helps supplement the family income by selling bottled cultured milk.

Hers is a familiar sight as [...]


1AZAM provides opportunities to generate income to low-income people. Expected income between RM760 to RM2, 300 a month.

AIM OF THE PROJECT Project 1AZAM was introduced to provide jobs for the hardcore poor and poor people of Malaysia to increase income to exceed the limits specified poverty line of RM760 per month for the poor and [...]