Easing the Burden of Inflation

5.2 million Malaysian households earning RM3,000 and below each received one-off BR1M RM500 financial assistance. Over 75% of households benefited from a RM2.6bil budget set aside for BR1M. Some 5.3 million primary and secondary school-going children also received RM100 to cover “back-to-school” expenses. Government school fees have been removed beginning this year. RM260mil were pumped in for about [...]

BR1M financial aid helps ease the burden of inflation, rising food costs, and daily costs of living.

There has been much talk about BR1M lately, or more specifically, Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia RM500 financial aid, where the government is giving RM500 to Malaysians with a household income of less than RM3,000 a month regardless of [...]

What’s the latest news on Budget 2012? Here’s a quick recap of the recent week’s news:

Jan 7, 2012: Government can Afford to Give Budget Goodies, says Najib

The Prime Minister refutes allegations that the government has borrowed money from the World Bank to execute BR1M programme, which is a financial aid programme that give RM500 to [...]

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