Many, upon turning 40, feel as if they have achieved most of what they have hoped for in life – a stable career, good home, happy family and better health.

However, they forget that such joys in life could easily be destroyed once illness strikes, particularly if it were silent, non-communicable diseases.

Such diseases, also known as [...]

The next-of-kin of 15 crew members and 12 of 28 Malaysian passengers onboard Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH17 are eligible for monthly payment starting RM475, based on salary scale under a Social Security Organisation (Socso) scheme.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Richard Riot Jaem said all crew members were eligible for payment under the Employment Injury Scheme [...]

For many of the 1.7 million Malaysians who have not gone for the free medical screening provided under a RM200mil government-funded programme, their excuse range from “not convenient” to procrastination.

“The voucher has been sitting on my keyboard for ages. I didn’t find the time to use it because my university offers a comprehensive health plan,” [...]

The Social Security Organisation (Socso) is targeting new development areas to nab employers who fail to comply with the requirement to make contributions to the organisation through the on-going Ops Kesan.

Its chief executive officer Datuk K.Selvarajah said this because there are a lot of businesses opening at these areas and Socso wants to ensure that [...]

The Social Security Organisation (Socso) will launch a massive operation nationwide starting May 5 to track down employers, who failed to register their workers with the organisation.

Its chief executive Datuk K. Selvarajah said, as of December last year, only six million employees were covered under the scheme with some 393,359 employers, who actively contributed to [...]

Human Resource Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem launched the Social Security Organisation’s (Socso) updated disability assessment guideline manual here last Tuesday.

He said the “Guidelines on Impairment and Disability Assessment on Traumatic Injuries, Occupational Diseases and Invalidity” manual was a follow up of the earlier two editions which have been in use since 2003 and [...]

The Human Resource Ministry targets to include self-employed workers to be under the Social Security Organisation (Socso) protection scheme by next year, said its Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem.

He said the scheme would benefit those who were self-employed, including businessmen and taxi drivers, once it was being implemented.

“It reflects the government’s concern in looking [...]

The Social Security Organ­i­sation (Socso) needs to boost its free health screening campaign by ex­­plaining the need for employees to undergo medical examinations, said Deputy Human Resource Minister Datuk Ismail Abd Muttalib.

The free health screening scheme that Socso implemented last year, for which the government allocated RM200mil, had not received the desired response.

“Over the past [...]

The Social Security Organisation (Socso) issued 3,063 compound notices with fines amounting to RM2.8 million to errant employers last year.

Its Deputy Chief Executive (Operations) Datuk Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed said 1,601 of the cases involved failure to register with Socso or late registration, 313 cases failing to register employees, 16 cases failing to maintain [...]

Beginning this year, all single recipients of Dependent’s Benefit and Survivors’ Pension comprising of widows or widowers, mothers or fathesr, grandfathers or grandmothers are no longer required to submit the annual certificate using Form 117.

The Social Security Organisation (Socso) in a statement today said the new rules will facilitate 50,871 beneficiaries who previously had to [...]

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