An increase in Disabled Workers’ Allowance (EPC) and general aid for the disabled are among the benefits that the group hoped for in the 2015 Budget, scheduled to be tabled on Oct 10.

Association of Women with Disabilities Malaysia president Senator Bathmavathi Krishnan said it was necessary following the increase in the cost of living expenses.

“Currently, employed disabled persons earning less than RM1,200 will receive an EPC worth RM300 per month, but we find that this amount is no longer relevant with our times.

“This also goes for the RM150 general aid for unemployed disabled persons, which we hope will increase to RM300 a month. We have brought this up with the government and hope for good news during the tabling of the budget,” she said when interviewed as a guest on Radio 24 ‘Dalam Radar’ programme, here Thursday.

Bathmavathi, who is also a member of National Council for Persons with Disabilities, hoped the government would form a special committee to coordinate matters related to people with disabilities.

She said coordination under one body or committee would make it easier to ensure all the needs of the disabled were met, as there were several ministries currently doing it in the country.

“For example, the Persons with Disabilities Act 2008 was coordinated under the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, while the Uniform Building By-law for facilities for the disabled in each building is managed by the Housing and Local Government Ministry.

“Maybe once it is under the same roof, the coordination on the needs of the disabled will be easier to carry out,” she added.