The Perkeso’s (Socso) Health Screening Programme (HSP) provides two types of vouchers for eligible workers.

The first voucher is for standard screening which consists of physical examination, consultation, blood test, urine test and Pap smear (for women) and the second voucher is solely for mammogram screening.

These screening services are provided by Socso free of charge.

Upon receiving the vouchers, workers should consult the clinics that are registered with the HSP. All registered panel clinics are listed on the Perkeso website.

Upon the health screening, workers will be referred by the panel clinic doctors for mammogram screening.

All clinics, laboratories and mammogram centres are encouraged to register with Perkeso’s Health Screening Programme which can be done online through our website.

All transactions will be done online via Sehat Portal at

For further enquiries, contact our hotlines: 03-4264 5089, 03-4252 1258, 03- 4252 4475, 03-4252 4476.


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