To quite a number of people, the question of how does the BB1M voucher work? Unlike previous year where a person can purchase anything including electronic gadgets, this time around, most bookstores has applied the new regulation for 1Malaysia Book vouchers usage, where 80% can be used to buy books and 20% for stationary.

Look at the table below for the different benefits when purchasing from Popular, Borders and MPH.

MPH also have the 80% & 20% rule like Kinokuniya. You can also use the BB1M voucher on MPH Online for selected areas too.

How the 80% & 20% rule work?

You spend 2 of your voucher (RM100) at the book store, you can only spend RM20 of it on pen, notepads, etc. If you spend RM30 on stationaries, you will have to pay the RM10 in cash.

Places like Popular will give you another free voucher if you spend above a certain amount and with that extra voucher, you can then spend more on books and such.

So how have you spend your BB1M voucher?